Advantages of BJ-789 putty powder anti-mold agent

2021-10-26   Pageview:326

It has strong inhibition ability to bacteria and mold, with broad-spectrum bactericidal properties that do not produce drug resistance, and long lasting effect period.
Wide pH range: pH range is between 9 to 12.
Ultra-fine powder, easy to use, easy to add.
Non-flammable, flame retardant.













When the ketene silicone acetal is used as the initiator, the size of the substituent on the silicon atom does not significantly affect the polymerization rate. As shown in Table 4-11, when the methyl group (Ⅲ-14) on the silicon atom is replaced with an ethyl group (Ⅲ-15), there is no significant difference between the measured relative molecular mass and the designed relative molecular mass. But when the steric hindrance of the substituents on the silicon atom is too great (Ⅲ-16), the M of the obtained PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) is much larger than the theoretical value and the molecular weight distribution is very wide (Mw/M, = 2.12) ).

This may be because the steric hindrance of the substituents on the silicon atom is too large, montan wax clariant which hinders the transfer of the catalyst between the active end groups, resulting in the initiation rate being slower than the chain growth rate. On the other hand, because the amount of catalyst is much less than the initiator (active end group), only when the transfer rate of the catalyst between the active ends is much greater than the chain growth rate, can the simultaneous growth of each active center be ensured. When the substituents on silicon are very long, but the steric hindrance is not great (Ⅲ-17), the relative molecular weight can be controlled better, but the molecular weight distribution is wider. When initiator E with hydrogen atoms on silicon is used, the polymerization result is ideal, indicating that the hydrogen atoms on silicon atoms have no effect on the GTP process. Influence of initiator structure on GTP process of MMA


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