Coating defoamer for aqueous systems

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Product Model: BD-303
Product name: Silicone defoamer (for water-based coatings)
Structural formula or component:
Organosilicon defoamer with modified polysiloxane as the main system.
Performance characteristics
This product has excellent performance, rapid foam breaking, long-lasting foam inhibition, low dosage, and meets the health and safety requirements.
Physical and chemical data and indicators
Appearance: milky white thick emulsion
pH value: 7±1
Stability: 15 minutes (3000 rpm) without stratification
Active substance content 30±2%













This product is widely used, the main use is for coating, fermentation, paper and synthetic resin process, washing, cleaning agent and other production processes.

Use method
The defoamer can be directly diluted with water at a temperature of 20~35℃, gradually add the required dose of water while stirring the defoamer, maintain stirring until the added defoamer is evenly dispersed, and avoid high shear mixing when diluting. Diluted defoamer should not be stored for a long time, too long and lead to a small amount of precipitate does not affect the performance, the user will be able to use after shaking it well.

In order to extend the period of application of the diluted defoamer, micronized wax emulsion users can use aqueous solution dissolved with thickener to dilute, it is recommended to use water-soluble polymer as thickener, the concentration of about 1 ~ 2%

The packaging specification of this product is 50Kg plastic drum or customized according to the user’s requirements. Storage and transportation: 5~40℃, avoid high temperature and freezing during transportation and storage, shelf life: 6 months. Safety This product is non-dangerous.



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