Silicon dioxide matting agent

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Micron-level silica matting agent has the above characteristics, and therefore the most amount in the coating. It has high chemical purity, insoluble in water, various organic solvents and general acids and bases, only reacts with concentrated alkali and hydrofluoric acid, and has high chemical inertness. Its refractive index is 1.46, close to the refractive index of 1.4~1.5 of various resins for coatings, thus good transparency. The silica matting agent treated with wax will not produce hard precipitation in solvent-based coatings during storage. Because it is porous material, the low addition amount can produce strong matting properties.












There are three types of micron-level silica matting agents, all of which are X-ray amorphous porous substances.
1, micron-level precipitated hydrated silica, the original grade particles are stacked in chains. It is one of the most used at home and abroad, the price is low, because the particle size is small, the dosage is large, the transparency is poor, only for low-grade and a small part of the mid-range coatings, foreign brands to Evonik wax Degussa (EVONIK Degussa) ACEMATT® OK series of the best quality, easy to disperse, and wax treatment, not easy to produce hard precipitation.

2, micron grade silica aerogel, its original grade particles form three-dimensional space mesh structure, pore capacity is generally greater than 1.5mL/g. Domestic production, due to the use of micron and sub-micron grading device, particle size distribution is narrow, matting and transparency with similar foreign varieties. The wax treatment process is adopted, and no hard precipitation will be produced after a long time. Foreign representative products are Grace (GRACE DAVISON) SYLOID® C series matting agent; INEOS Gasil and HP series matting agent.

3, fumed silica matting agent, its matting performance is good, good transparency, but easy to produce precipitation.


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