Applications of microcrystalline waxes

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Microcrystalline waxes are distinguished by their versatile uses. They can be used in craft candles, petroleum jelly, cosmetics, putty, shoe polish, inks, explosive compound waxes, mortars for building materials, master batch processing, special wax blends, antirust waxes, automotive waxes, emulsifying waxes, polishing waxes, floor waxes, electronic waxes, varnishing waxes, protective agents, film agents, thickeners, base materials for lubricants.

Comprehensive studies have shown that microcrystalline waxes are safe for use in the food industry and are approved for use as food additives according to the EU E905 class standard.

In the personal care sector, this approval means that microcrystalline waxes can be used directly in chewing gum bases, lip care products (recommended by COLIPA), coatings, mold release agents, etc. In other regions, FDA standards apply as well.

In cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations, microcrystalline waxes are used as inactive substances for other ingredients such as petroleum jelly and to increase the lipid phase of emulsions and ointments. They are used to improve oil absorption and stability to match the hardness of the formulation, or for hard, homogeneous tough grease compositions with low crystalline properties. Microcrystalline waxes can improve the structure and hardness of stick beauty products such as lip balms without excessive crystallization.














in Figure 4-3. Figure 4-3. the special absorption peak in the spectrum 3413cm-1 is hydroxyl O-H stretching vibration absorption peak; 2966cm a 12872cm-1 is methyl C:C–H stretching vibration absorption peak; 1509cm-1 is bisphenol A structure, para-substituted ring skeleton vibration absorption peak is particularly strong; 11246cnm-1 is aromatic ether asymmetric stretching vibration absorption peak strong and wide; 952cm-1n a 1cm, pe wax basf 9914cm771cmcm-1 is the end-group epoxy ring absorption peak, 914cmcm-1 is the characteristic peak; 829cmcm-‘ is the benzene ring on the para-substituted C a H out-of-plane bending vibration absorption peak. The characteristic absorption peaks of bisphenol A epoxy resin are 1509cm-1,246cmm~, 914cmm-1, 829m-1.

-1 In order to improve the corrosion resistance of epoxy resin19 in linear phenolic resin, epoxy end groups were introduced to obtain linear phenolic epoxy resin

alicyclic epoxy resin. This epoxy resin can be used in powder coatings. The technical specifications of the hydrogenated bisphenol A epoxy resins prepared under different process conditions are shown in Table 4-14.


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