What is the classification of matting agents?

2021-09-14   Pageview:1089

The matting agent for coatings can be divided into two categories: organic matting agent and inorganic matting agent.
Inorganic matting agents include synthetic silica, kaolin, diatomaceous earth and so on.
Organic matting agent is mainly wax, of which the largest amount is synthetic wax and stearic acid metal soap, etc.












According to the distribution state in the coating film, matting agent can be divided into filling and suspension type. Inorganic substances are filled type, uniformly dispersed in the volume of the coating. Organic matter is mostly suspended type, with the evaporation of solvent, matting agent precipitation and suspended in the surface of the coating film.

In recent years, with the development of new technology, wax to inorganic matting agent, especially silica surface treatment, improve the dispersion of silica performance, improve the easy to produce the disadvantages of cohesive precipitation powder, retain the high efficiency of silica matting characteristics. At the same time, the wax feel good, scratch resistance and other advantages are also given to the silica. At present, silica treated with wax is the best kind of matting agent for the coating industry.

For a pre-dispersing treatment, a concentration of 20-30% wax dispersion can be performed first. It is added into the system when needed, thus reducing the time of byk wax dispersion.




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