How to disperse matting agent?

2021-09-20   Pageview:297

Silicon dioxide matting agent is easy to disperse in both water-based and solvent-based coatings. However, it is better to use high-speed disperser to disperse. Generally do not feed before the grinding process, in order to prevent the matting agent particles will be finely ground and reduce the matting effect.











Emulsion polymerization is one of the most sustainable processes for the production, transportation and processing of adhesive materials. From a technical point of view, this process can produce very high molecular weight polymers with better film-forming properties and no viscosity problems compared to suspension polymerization. Emulsion polymerization can avoid safety problems caused by solvents. In fact, fire caused by improper handling of solvents or accidents is one of the main problems faced by early paint, adhesive and ink resin manufacturers.

Emulsion polymerization usually has the following five methods: batch polymerization; ptfe wax uses, monomer dropwise polymerization; semi-batch polymerization; seed emulsion polymerization; continuous polymerization.
In the batch polymerization process, all the ingredients are added at the beginning of the reaction, while most of the monomers (>80%) in the monomer drop-in polymerization process are added during the reaction.

In the monomer dropwise polymerization process, a pre-emulsification process, namely the pre-emulsification of the monomer, is generally popular now. The pre-emulsification operation is carried out in the pre-emulsification tank. First, the deionized water is poured into the pre-emulsification tank, then the emulsifier is added, stirred, and then the monomers are added. After a certain period of sufficient stirring, a stable monomer emulsion is obtained.


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