Effectiveness of wax emulsion in agricultural seeds

2021-04-30   Pageview:593

Wax emulsion and resin with matching, by wax drift theory, wax emulsion in different product formulations can be transferred to the uppermost layer of the film, so that the film has smoothness, toughness and hardness, adhesion, high gloss. In the field of agricultural seeds can act as a coating agent, after coating the seeds, it can play the role of insecticide and fungicide, hormone, growth regulator, beneficial microorganisms, etc.

The used wax emulsion is food grade, which is safe and harmless to seeds, does not affect seed development, and has no effect on soil for long-term use. The film formed by the wax emulsion can slowly degrade and break the ring in the soil water-bearing environment, which is suitable for drug release.

Wax emulsions are water-based environmental functional additives with solvent-free and low-odor characteristics, which meet the requirements of green agriculture development, good compatibility, fast drying speed.

The use of wax emulsions with hard waxes (such as Brazilian carnauba wax, paraffin wax, polypropylene and other synthetic waxes) can effectively improve the wear resistance and fluidity of seeds and enhance the overall surface protection effect of seed coating agents on seeds. The wax emulsion itself is physicochemically inert and basically does not affect the active ingredients in the seed coating agent or the permeability of the seeds.

Wax emulsion can be regarded as micron-level small molecular weight filler, which is distributed in the system as a dispersed phase and adheres closely to the seed surface after drying. Due to its better anti-adhesive property, it can solve the problem of caking of seeds with high water content during storage. Contact experts of tianshi wax emulsion manufacturer for TDS and MSDS.


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