The role of wax in the filling masterbatch

2022-01-27   Pageview:550

The series of polyethylene wax products have good lubricating performance in the process of filling masterbatch; can effectively fill the precipitation phenomenon of masterbatch products; can greatly improve the surface gloss of products; and effectively improve the physical properties of the material during the processing of filling masterbatch and improve the toughness of products.

Questions about role of wax in the filling masterbatch

Q: What is the function of Fischer-Tropsch wax applied to masterbatch?
A: It can be used as a lubricant to reduce the friction between the material and the equipment.
Q: The requirements of pe wax for filled masterbatch?
A: Filler masterbatches usually use Fischer-Tropsch wax on it, mainly considering viscosity and melting point.
Q: Does the wax in the masterbatch affect the drawing?
A: According to the formula, adding the right amount of wax will not affect the drawing, instead, the wax will have a certain dispersion ability and make the dispersion of the masterbatch more uniform.
Q: Can white masterbatches be made with low molecular wax?
A: The molecular weight of wax is usually not high. To make white masterbatches requires less oil inside the wax, which is more demanding on the wax.

Fischer-Tropsch Wax for Filler Masterbatches TS-5112 Name: Granule Fischer-Tropsch wax Model: TS-5112 Chemical Composition: FT Wax

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