The role of high temperature wax in hot melt adhesives

2021-08-09   Pageview:394

The role of wax in hot melt adhesives is as follows:

1, Adjust the melt viscosity, different sizing process has different melt viscosity, through the change of wax use can adjust the melt viscosity of hot melt adhesive, adapt to different ways of using glue.

2, Adjust the curing time, the use of hot melt adhesive must be used with the use of the process of time, otherwise the strong viscosity of the adhesive, the performance can not be played.

3, The use of polymer wax additive can adjust the applicability of the use of hot melt adhesive, such as the phenomenon of drawing, fluidity and wettability requirements, to prevent the storage of hot melt adhesive caking and surface stickiness.

How long does it take for hot melt adhesive to cure in general?

1, Hot melt adhesive for bookbinding, curing speed: 5-20 seconds.

2, Hot melt adhesive for furniture edging, curing speed: 8-12 seconds.

Hot melt adhesive bearer material is different, the curing time of the hot melt adhesive is also very influential. Bookbinding industry, for example, due to the different materials of paper, the heat and penetration of the hot melt adhesive is not the same, which will directly affect the curing time of the hot melt adhesive after gluing.

The heat resistance depends on the amount of inorganic material in the fibers of the hot melt adhesive carrier.

Therefore, if the inorganic content of the hot melt adhesive carrier is large, the thermal conductivity is good and the heat dissipation is fast, i.e. the curing time is short. However, in the production of products that require hot melt adhesives, the hot melt adhesive and the hot melt adhesive carrier interact with each other.

In order to ensure the quality of the finished product, a mature hot melt adhesive indicators, including curing time, adhesion, anti-aging properties, etc. are constantly debugged before coming out. Products in different industries, hot melt adhesive bearers are not the same material, which requires hot melt adhesive manufacturers to continue to develop and debug new products, so that the hot melt adhesive in various industries so that the production of cost savings and high efficiency.


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