Leading brand of powder coating matting agent – Dulux

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Founded in 1926, Dulux is one of the world’s most famous building decoration paint brands under AkzoNobel, with 50 million households worldwide using Dulux paints every year and over 1.1 billion liters of paints produced in 26 paint production plants around the world. was recognized by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as a “Well-known Trademark in China”. At present, the Dulux brand covers a wide range of products such as latex paint, wood paint, professional anti-corrosion paint and flooring paint, fully meeting the needs of different levels.


























The effect of polymer adsorption on the stability of the dispersion system
The last section talked about the role of charge on the stability of the dispersion system. This section will introduce the adsorption of polymer compounds and the effect of the adsorption layer on dispersion and aggregation.

1. The adsorption of polymer compounds on the solid surface

When the pigment particles are mixed with the polymer compound solution, the polymer compound will be adsorbed on the surface of the pigment particles with adsorption chains. The adsorption of polymer compounds on the surface of the pigment has a greater impact on the dispersion of the pigment in the coating and ink, the stability of the dispersion, the fluidity of the coating, and the adhesion of the coating film. Therefore,microcrystalline wax food additive  how to improve the adsorption fastness of the resin polymer and dispersant on the pigment surface and the thickness of the adsorption layer are important factors to improve the quality of coatings and ink products.

The force between the surface of the pigment and the adsorbed polymer chains is sometimes a single force, sometimes a combined effect of several forces. The fastness of anchoring and adsorption and steric hindrance are the properties of the mountain composition and these materials. Determined by the result of the interaction.

(1) The adsorption form of the polymer compound The adsorption form of the polymer compound and the characteristics, morphology, and charge distribution of the pigment surface, the structure, composition, and properties of the polymer compound, the type of solvent in the dispersion medium, and the dissolution of the polymer Sex and many other aspects. The polymer wetting and dispersing agent is a compound specially designed according to the properties of the pigment and the required purpose. Therefore, its adsorption form will also show the required state according to the design structure of the dispersant. It is different from general polymer compounds, such as The resin used in the coating is different.



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