What is the special thickener for glue?

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KJ-200 glue thickener is made of polymeric resin compound, special for construction glue, our company specializes in the production of excellent anti-corrosion, thickening and lubricating, film-forming properties, while preventing glue delamination and extending storage time. It is an alternative to acrylamide glue in the current market.















Inorganic pigments and low-molecular-weight dispersants can form surface salts through the interaction between polar groups and firmly anchor on the surface of the pigment particles. Although function of pe wax there are few adsorption points, they are not easy to desorb. Of course, physical adsorption is not ruled out between the two, because there are few adsorption points, this kind of physical adsorption is easier to desorb. So when using this type of dispersant pair, the key is acid/base reaction. The wetting and dispersing agent should be selected according to the acid/alkalinity of the pigment surface.

Organic pigments do not have active groups on the surface like inorganic pigments. They mostly rely on hydrogen bonds and van der Waals forces to be adsorbed together with polymer dispersants. Therefore, single-point adsorption is not strong and must be multi-point adsorption. When selecting a dispersant, it is best to use a block copolymer composed of soluble and insoluble substances and a graft copolymerized polymer active agent.
In summary, in order to effectively utilize the steric hindrance and obtain a good dispersion system, the following points should be paid attention to:

①The adsorption layer must maintain a certain thickness, so high molecular polymers are better than traditional low molecular weight surfactants;
② The polymer chains adsorbed by the particles are better insoluble in the solvent, and the more soluble the chains stretched in the solvent, the better;
③In order to obtain a thicker adsorption layer, pay attention to the adsorption morphology of the polymer, with double tails and combs Is better.


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