Water-based wax emulsion for rubber gloves

2021-06-12   Pageview:958

Latex gloves are processed from latex and can be used as a necessary hand protection for household, industrial, medical and beauty industries.

Polyethylene wax emulsion for latex gloves:
Using wax emulsion as latex glove release agent, anti-adhesive, and isolating agent to improve the performance of latex gloves in latex impregnation and polymer impregnation sessions for latex glove making.

1, Improve rubber glove anti-stick, slip and abrasion resistance
Wax emulsion mainly plays a demoulding, anti-adhesive, through the migration mechanism to form an ozone barrier, increase elasticity and reduce the slipperiness of the glove.

Wax emulsions improve scratch resistance and wear resistance, slip performance, improve wearability, etc.

Wax emulsion in the rubber glove formula, can effectively enhance the anti-scratch and wear resistance, slip performance, and improve the wear (allowing wet hands to wear) effect.

2, Release effect
In the pre-curing process of rubber gloves, wax emulsion can be added at a ratio of 1.5% to 2.5%, that can effectively improve the anti-viscosity of the cast mold, easy to release the glove and improve production efficiency. Wax emulsion for latex is an environmentally friendly non-ionic, emulsified with special neutral non-ionic emulsifier, avoiding the shortcomings of unstable and easy delamination with alkaline saponification before, paraffin wax emulsion in the rubber system formulation mainly plays a latex compound impregnation, and the system is compatible with strong stability, dilution does not break the milk, mold release and good anti-adhesive properties.

In light industry and rubber industry, wax emulsion can be used as varnish, coating and auxiliary agent. In the manufacture of latex gloves pre-curing process, or in the glue blending tank, the wax emulsion can be added at 1.5% to 2.5% of the amount, that can improve the cast anti-adhesive, easy to gloves off the mold. Rubber gloves are a kind of gloves made of rubber sheet or film. According to the rubber material or manufacturing process, can be divided into latex gloves and molded gloves.


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