Special thickening agent for construction glue

2021-09-24   Pageview:322

KJ-200 glue thickener is made of polymer resin compound, special for construction glue, our company specializes in the production of excellent anti-corrosion, thickening lubrication, film-forming properties, while preventing glue delamination, prolonging storage time. It is a new alternative to acrylamide glue in the market.

Properties: granular, off-white, easily tolerated in water bare mock.

Dosage: KJ-200 glue special thickener 0.4%, polyvinyl alcohol 5%, cost 0.2 RMB/ pound.

Usage: Dilute with 5 times of water in proportion, soak for 10 minutes, stir all dissolved, standby.















Application of wetting and dispersing agent in coatings and inks
The primary task in the manufacture of coatings and inks is pigment dispersion. The newly crushed pigment particles are lyophobic, and only after being wet can they be transformed from lyophobic to lyophilic. The lyophilic pigment particles are well compatible with the resin solution, and will not move towards each other under the pressure of the resin solution, causing flocculation, and will perform non-directional Brownian motion in the dispersant, so that the dispersion is in a good stable dispersion state .

How to wet the pigment particles? This is a question that paint workers pe wax coating must think about. In coatings and inks, resin polymers and solvents can also be adsorbed on the surface of the pigment. How to adjust the wetting and adsorption of the resin polymer and dispersant on the surface of the pigment is an important factor in controlling the performance index of the coating.

Application of wetting and dispersing agent in active base material
When inorganic pigments are used in conjunction with resin polymers with active adsorption groups, special attention should be paid to the adsorption of pigments. In particular, glycerol alkyd resins and pentaerythritol alkyd resins contain a large number of active functional groups in their molecules, and the molecular weight is relatively low, and the molecular weight distribution range is wide. Low molecular weight polymers containing polar groups are more likely to be adsorbed on the surface of the pigment. It should be said that they are a kind of base material with dispersing function. From the determination of the dispersion of carbon black and TiO: in the pentaerythritol alkyd resin, it is known that there is an optimal resin concentration value for the stability of the dispersion.


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