Suitable for coating with defoamer – refined process silicone defoamer

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Silicone defoamer is refined through a special process, with the advantages of easy dispersion, strong defoaming ability, versatility, long-lasting foam inhibition, etc., using a small amount of additive, wide range of applications, silicone coating defoamer is widely used in architectural coatings, industrial coatings, water-based coatings, interior and exterior wall coatings used.

Silicone defoamer has good compatibility with coating system, wide range of PH applications, in the production, packaging and use of coatings, can continue to inhibit the generation of foam, is the ideal choice for coating defoamer.












Coatings can be applied and covered on objects in different processes, so that a solid film with certain strength and firmness can be formed on the surface of the object. The coating film formed by coating, aesthetic and decorative effects, can also protect and disguise the defects on the surface of the object, so that the value of the product appreciates.

Although coatings have a great value of use, they often encounter a problem, which is foam.

The formulation and production process of industrial coatings are special, which are easy to produce a large amount of foam. The lower the surface tension of the coating, the smaller the free energy required to form the foam, the easier it is for the coating to produce foam, and the foam of the coating gives both producers and users a headache.

Paint foam is a serious hazard and hinders production and use

1, Foam is easy to cause the volume expansion to become larger, causing the usage rate of equipment to be reduced.

2, Foam limits the speed of mixing and prolongs the mixing time of paint.

3, Foam affects the wetting of pigment and filler.

4, A large amount of foam affects the production line packaging and interferes with the packaging operation.

To solve the harm of paint foam, paint defoamer is the key

The large amount of foam produced by the pe wax powders for paint, if not eliminated in time, wait until it is used to the object, causing various defects on the surface and affecting the quality of the product. To solve the problem of paint bubbles, adding defoamer for coatings is key.

There are many kinds of coating defoamer, select the performance of these points

1, Pay attention to the defoaming agent defoaming ability, stability is strong.

2, Whether it has the characteristics of not affecting the gloss and appearance of the paint.

3, In the process of transportation and construction, whether it can be well compatible with the coating system and will not affect the surface film-forming property, produce surface defects, avoid producing shrinkage and fish-eye, etc.

4, Whether it can achieve lasting foam inhibition in the process of production and packaging box use.








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