Application Of Wax In Engineering Plastics

2022-09-22   Pageview:291

The application of wax in engineering plastics, the development of new plastics has been increasing due to the continuous demand for engineering plastics and the efforts of plastics manufacturers to develop new markets for special products. Difficulty in processing. They either have very high molecular weights and therefore have very poor flow properties, or, for example, durable copolymers at low temperatures, are very viscous shortly after processing.

Tianshi wax powder is an extremely valuable processing aid due to its low volatility, both internal and external lubrication in polar and non-polar plastics, additional mold release and migration resistance. In the application of engineering plastics industry, it has good compatibility with engineering plastics molecules. Therefore, Tianshi wax powder has strong internal lubricity.

Performance advantages:

1. Inorganic fillers have excellent wettability and dispersibility in inorganic fillers, excellent solvent holding power, strong thermal stability, and PVC external lubricity is higher than other similar products.

2. OPE wax can be used as a lubricant in the plastic molding process, with both internal and external lubrication, especially suitable for the PVC molding process, which can improve the smoothness and gloss of the finished product, improve the appearance, and can also be used as a rubber processing aid. agent, improve extrusion molding speed, large mold flow, and convenient demoulding.

Main applications: lubricants and dispersants in plastic processing, solvent-based polishing agents, especially slurry polishing agents, mold release agents, carbon paper, and multi-functional lubricants for PVC processing.

Tianshi engineering plastics wax is widely used in engineering plastics industry. Almost all PVC, PVC, PS, PBT, PA, PDM, PC systems can be used. It is worth mentioning that TPU is also used in thermoplastic elastomer industry. very good.


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