Storage and Packaging of Dispersants for Waterborne Coatings

2021-09-24   Pageview:358

Stable under usual sealed storage conditions, avoid freezing and heat.

Available in 30KG and 238KG drums















In addition, EF KA recently developed a new synthesis technology when synthesizing high molecular polymer dispersants.

Use nitroxide radicals to replace the free radicals that are blocked when the polymer chain grows.
Controllable leucopolymerization mechanism regulated by nitrogen pe wax ac 617 free radicals
During the polymerization process, only the polymer chains with a very low concentration are active, while the rest are in a non-reactive state. There is a reversible equilibrium between the reactive state and the non-reactive state. Under certain dynamic conditions, the polymer produced under this control can meet the design requirements very well, and the relative molecular mass distribution of the polymer is narrow.

The activity shown in the polymerization process can be realized by adding different monomers in sequence when synthesizing block copolymers.

There are many types of new generation hindered alkanolamine compounds developed by the company. For example, special open chain NOR, piperazinone type NOR, piperazine type NOR, seven-membered heterocyclic NOR.

The composition of the polymer wetting and dispersing agent is briefly introduced above, and the purpose is to make it easier for paint workers to choose additives. The properties of pigments, additives, and solvents are the main basis for selecting additives. To give full play to the performance indicators of the pigment.


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