Applications of ALCOSPERSE 747 coating dispersant

2021-09-24   Pageview:678

Since high gloss emulsion paints require good gloss retention, leveling and viscosity stability, general dispersants with inorganic or organic fillers cannot meet these requirements at the same time, either they cannot retain gloss or have poor leveling.

747 can improve the water resistance of latex paints, especially for all kinds of wash-resistant latex paints. It is usually added to paint formulations before the grinding and dispersing stage, and the usual dosage is 0.1-0.8% (for the total amount of the formulation), but the specific dosage varies according to the type of pigment and type of paint.















Anchor group The anchor group is a group adsorbed on the surface of the pigment particles, which is designed according to the characteristics of the pigment surface and the adsorption mechanism.

how is pe wax made?
① For acidic, alkaline and charged pigments, amine, ammonium, quaternary ammonium groups can be used; carboxyl, sulfonic acid, phosphoric acid and other salts: acid phosphate, phosphate salt, etc. as anchoring groups, which can be passed Acid/base adsorption or ion pair adsorption is anchored on the surface of the pigment particles.
② For the pigment surface with hydrogen bond donor and acceptor, polyamines and polyols can be used as anchor groups. They may be hydrogen bond donors or hydrogen bond acceptors. The oxygen atom on the polyester can accept protons, can be the acceptor of the hydrogen chain, and can also be used as an anchor group.
③For pigments that can produce polar adsorption, polyurethane compounds can be used as anchor groups.
④ For pigments that rely on van der Waals force to absorb, polyurethane compounds can also be used as anchoring groups.
Polyurethane compounds are used for the above two kinds of anchoring groups, which shows that it is difficult to determine which kind of force is working for a certain kind of adsorption, and it is likely to be a combination of several forces.
⑤ For organic pigments such as phthalocyanine blue and dioxazine violet, their own derivatives can be used as anchor groups.


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