Characteristics of water-based paint defoamer

2021-08-30   Pageview:701

1,  Has superior comprehensive performance of defoaming and foam inhibition, can prevent the coating from foaming for a long time.
2, Small impact on gloss, can be used in high PVC system.
3, Good compatibility with the whole system, little rejection.
4, It is not affected by temperature and pressure.
5, Effective in a wide range of PH value and temperature.











The bubble of water-based paint has always been a headache for the production and users, here we will talk about the generation and stability of bubbles first. But such a foam is not necessarily very stable, only when the system contains surface active substances that can form an elastic film, such as: dispersants, thickeners, leveling agents, etc., the foam can be stable.

Understanding the basic principle of foam stabilization, to defoam it is good to do, first of all, we must pay attention to the presence of stable foam components in the system, and then choose the right defoamer, generally containing silicon defoamer effect will be better, but pay attention to other properties will be affected. Also note that different systems to use different types of defoamer, such as acrylic emulsions, polyurethane dispersions, water-soluble resins, etc. The type of defoamer applicable to each system are not the same, specific to be verified through experiments.

There are many defoamers have a strong ability to break the bubble, but the ability to inhibit the bubble is poor, the use of the process of bubbles generated by the role of little, then we should consider two or more kinds of defoamers mixed use. Should be divided into two add, grinding when adding a good anti-foaming agent foam inhibition effect, into the paint when adding a good effect of bubble-breaking defoamer.

Defoaming and system viscosity is also related, viscosity is small defoaming natural fast. In addition, defoaming and the volatility of the system is also related, volatile liquid, the surface will be dry, when the bubbles float to the surface too late to break, it is fixed, will be more and more accumulation.


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