5 characteristics of wetting and dispersing agent for water-based industrial coatings

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●Mainly used for water-based concentrated color paste production.
●Reducing and stabilizing the viscosity of abrasives.
●Increases color and gloss.
●Promote flow and leveling.
●Antistatic properties.















On this basis, start to drip the dispersant, and mix it with the ink knife while dripping, until the sphere spreads out and becomes a fluid. This point is the Daniel flow point. Multiply the amount of dispersant used by the coefficient (1.5~2) to get the amount of dispersant added in the latex paint. When the specific surface area is large or the formula contains a sensitive thickener, special attention should be paid to the adjustment of the coefficient.
Although this method is not as accurate as measuring the viscosity curve value, it is simple in application and no problems have occurred in practice.

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To manufacture water-based color paste, latex paint base paint, montan wax chemical composition and water-based industrial paint, the color paste is generally made first. Most of the production of color paste uses water as the dispersion medium and does not contain resin. The order of addition should be water, coexisting solvent, wetting and dispersing agent, defoamer, antifungal agent or bactericide, and finally adding pigment.

Add a wetting and dispersing agent to the water first, and the interfacial tension of the dispersion medium will drop below the surface tension of the white body of the pigment, which is conducive to the wetting of the pigment. If the pigment is added first and then the water is added, the pigment is difficult to disperse into the water. If the organic pigment cannot be dispersed in water at all, it is because of the high surface tension of water that it is difficult or impossible to wet the pigment. Even if the post-adding wetting and dispersing agent can disperse the pigment into water, the viscosity of the color paste is difficult to drop during the entire grinding and dispersing process, unless the amount of the wetting and dispersing agent is increased.


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