SURFYNOL 104DPM Coating wetting agent Applications

2021-09-27   Pageview:534

1,Water-based coatings, adhesives, inks, varnishes
2, Original automotive paints, general industrial paints
3, Wetting/reducing surface tension (dynamic static)
4, For surface defects require more strict coating film, can prevent shrinkage, pinhole, fish eye
We recommend adding 0.3-1%, and the application process needs to be stirred at high speed for 30 minutes.














The drier can make the paint film dry in a short time, but after the paint film is formed, its montan wax clariant drying effect does not stop, and the paint film continues to harden. Generally, it has good water resistance and abrasion resistance after drying for 14 days. And hardness. But over time, the paint film becomes brittle and cracked due to oxidative decomposition, especially the manganese drier has a greater influence on paint film aging.

Commonly used driers are cobalt, manganese, lead, zinc, and calcium. In recent years, cerium, rare earth, and zirconium have been gradually used, and their drying characteristics are different. In actual use, mixing several kinds of driers can not only significantly improve the drier efficiency, but also make the surface dry and bottom dry of the paint film consistent. If the cobalt drier is used alone, it will form a tough surface film, but the bottom layer is still soft or liquid. If mixed with the lead drier, the paint film can be consolidated from top to bottom to form a tough film, and then add A proper amount of calcium and zinc driers can disperse the drill and lead driers well in the paint, enhance its drying effect, and improve the performance of the paint film.

Due to the different components of the coating system and the different requirements for the corresponding drying speed, different drier systems should be selected, and should be screened in the coating formulation to determine the optimal drier system. For example, three kinds of driers, lead, and calcium are often used in alkyd enamel, and cobalt 0.05%, lead 0.5%, and calcium 0.25% are used in long oil alkyd resins with slow drying properties, but the drying properties are faster. The pentaerythritol acid resin uses 0.05% cobalt, 0.25% lead, and 0.35% calcium. Zirconium driers have been widely used in foreign coatings industry. Cobalt, zirconium and calcium driers are used together in alkyd enamels, which have good drying properties and can improve the performance of the paint film. Table 6-17 introduces the drier systems and ratios commonly used in foreign coatings industry.


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