What is Surfynol 104DPM wetting agent?

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Surfynol 104DPM is an alkyne glycol surfactant, which is formulated with 50% surfynol 104 and 50% propylene glycol and is a binary star nonionic surfactant. It has dynamic wetting and molecular defoaming properties in aqueous coatings and inks.













Water content
(1) Karl Fischer method: Dissolve the weighed sample in anhydrous methanol and add Karl Fischer reagent to the end point. The amount of reagent is proportional to the water content in the sample.

(2) In Dean·Stark method, the sample is refluxed with toluene, and the benzene/water azeotrope is distilled to the water receiver. The toluene and water layer can be read out to calculate the water content in the sample.

Acid value
Dissolve the weighed sample in a mixed solvent of isopropanol/toluene, use phenolphthalein as an indicator, and titrate the free acid in the drier solution with a 0.1 mol/L potassium hydroxide ethanol solution.
Bake the weighed sample in an oven at 105°C for 3 hours, take it out and cool it, modified wax uses and then weigh it to calculate its non-volatile content.
Relative density
Measure directly at the specified temperature with a relative density measuring instrument.
Gardner’s color
Compare the sample with the Gardner color standard tube, and use the similar standard tube as the color grade.

Remove the solvent and moisture from the sample in an oven, and then burn it completely in a muffle furnace to calculate its ash content.

Oxalate value
The metal soap solution is treated with an excess of organic acid, then the metal is precipitated with potassium oxalate, and finally the acid value is measured by backdropping with an alkali. The acid value is expressed by the mass of potassium hydroxide (mg KOH/g), and the acid value of the neutral soap solution is zero. The acid soap solution has a positive acid value, and the alkaline soap solution has a negative acid value.


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