The carrier role of cement mortar defoamer

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Cement mortar defoamer helps the carrier and the combination of the foaming system, easy to disperse into the foaming system, combining the two, and its own low surface tension, which helps to suppress the foam, and can reduce costs.

Representative substances: solvents other than water, such as aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, oxygenated solvents, etc.













For some inorganic pigments, it is recommended to use low-soap polymer dispersants, preferably anionic and non-ionic dispersants, or polymer dispersants combined with low-soap non-ionic dispersants.
my country’s water-based coatings and water-based inks are in a period of development, and the progress of water-based coating additives has created conditions for the development of water-based coatings.

5. Method for measuring dispersion effect
The dispersion effect test is to evaluate the dispersion of the pigment, whether the application of the wetting and dispersing agent is accurate, and whether the formulation design is reasonable. Through acid modified pe wax testing and evaluation, we can judge the pros and cons of the wetting and dispersing agent and the choice of formula.

Decentralized equipment
Dispersion equipment in general paint laboratories can be used: small bench sand mill; small three-roll mill; small high-speed disperser equipped with a dispersion tank that can add glass beads; cone-shaped colloid mill for small experiments; Red Devil , Vibration mill).

Among these devices, Red Devil is the most ideal, with two splints on the left and right, which can simultaneously experiment with 8 samples of 300~500mL. Using this kind of experimental equipment can improve the efficiency of the experiment, save time, high accuracy, and strong comparability.


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