Hydrophobic fumed silica

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Hydrophobic fumed silica is produced by the chemical reaction of hydrophilic fumed silica with reactive silanes such as chlorosilanes or hexamethyldisilazanes. It is hydrophobic (water-repellent) and cannot be dispersed in water.

The characteristics of hydrophobic fumed silica products are low hygroscopicity, very good dispersibility, and rheological modulation even for polar systems.

Some products, which are structurally modified on top of hydrophobic treatment, can provide further assistance to customers in developing new products and improving product performance. For example, in liquid systems, hydrophobic fumed silica can be added at high levels with little effect on the viscosity of the system.














Worldwide, the main varieties of powder coatings are epoxy polyester powder coatings, accounting for more than half of the total output of powder coatings; followed by polyester powder coatings (including TGI C and HAA cured polyester powder coatings), accounting for the total powder coatings More than 1/3 of the output is also the main variety of weatherable powder wood coatings; followed by epoxy powder coatings and polyurethane powder coatings, each accounting for a certain percentage: However, the percentage of acrylic powder coatings is very small. From a regional perspective, when comparing Western Europe and North America, which account for nearly half of the world’s total production of thermosetting powder coatings, the main product in Western Europe is epoxy polyester powder coatings, accounting for more than half, while North America only accounts for about 1/4: Western Europe The main varieties of weather-resistant powder coatings in North America are polyester powder coatings, while the main varieties of weather-resistant powder coatings in North America are polyester powder coatings. Polyurethane powder coatings account for a large proportion, and there is a large gap in varieties between regions.

This is because the intensity of sunlight in Western Europe is not strong, and the yellowing and chalking of the epoxy-polyester powder coating film is not very serious. The application range of epoxy polyester powder coating is also wide, and the corresponding epoxy poly The amount of ester powder coatings is large; in terms of weather-resistant powder coatings, the main use is the polyester wax powder wood coatings cured by triglycidyl isocyanurate (ie TGI C) and hydroxyalkyl amide (ie HAA), taking into account TGI C’s toxicity problem, the production of HAA polyester powder coatings is far more than the production of TGI C polyester powder coatings, and the amount of polyester powder coatings is very small. In the product structure of coatings, the proportion of epoxy poly-laminated powder coatings that originally dominated has been significantly reduced here, and the proportion of weather-resistant pure poly powder coatings is clearly increasing, especially the proportion of environmentally friendly HAA cured polyester powder coatings.

The growth rate has been significantly accelerated, and it has accounted for about 41% of pure polyester powder coatings, but polyurethane and acrylic powder coatings have not increased, especially due to the limitation of curing agent raw materials for polyurethane powder coatings and price issues, the promotion and application of this variety is restricted , From the examination of the application field of powder coatings, involving various territories, mainly used in household appliances, automobiles and transportation vehicles, building materials, pipelines and defenses, office furniture and gardens, instruments and telecommunications equipment, metal components and metals Develop a wide range of transportation facilities, equipment and tools.


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