Application of histology paraffin waxes

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Paraffin wax is a hydrocarbon, produced by the splitting of mineral oil. Its properties are very different. The melting point is in the range of 45℃~75℃. Paraffin wax with low melting point is milky white to the naked eye and easily broken by hand. Paraffin wax with high melting point is pale yellow to the naked eye and soft to hard to the touch, not easily broken.

The best form of paraffin wax is emulsified wax, which has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, strong water solubility, stable emulsion, long shelf life, high solid content and good dispersion, and can be used in industries and fields such as grinding, papermaking, leather, wood, agriculture, explosives, medicine, ceramics, cosmetics and automobile protection.

Sliced paraffin wax is an important embedding agent for medical applications in animal and plant tissue sectioning technology, and is a basic material for biology, medicine, pathology and immunohistochemistry. At present, there are many kinds of slicing paraffin waxes used in China. High melting point paraffin wax is harder, more difficult to slice, not suitable for softness, but can cut thinner slices; low melting point paraffin wax, lower hardness, not enough support for slicing, more difficult to cut out thin slices. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of medical paraffin wax in China and enhance its competitiveness in the market, the development and research of medical paraffin wax is becoming more and more important.

Because of the large range of melting point of paraffin wax, there is more room for choice, so it is necessary to choose the paraffin wax suitable for use in the region of the unit. Only then can high level and high quality pathological tissue sections and various tissue sections be produced. If the melting point of the selected paraffin wax is higher and the hardness of paraffin wax is harder, it is more difficult to cut the sections and the softness is not suitable. If you choose a lower melting point of paraffin wax, the hardness is also reduced, the support of the section is not enough, and it is difficult to cut thin slices.

Advantages of Tianshi Histology Waxes Twax-88 Series

1, Practical granular paraffin wax, suitable for wax dipping, embedding and slicing of tissue samples.

2, High quality paraffin wax compounded with standard polymer through advanced process.

3, Smooth slicing with the thinnest thickness down to 2 μm.

4, Melting point range from 52℃ to 62℃, you can choose freely according to your needs.

If you are not sure whether the product meets your application requirements, or have questions about product parameters or after-sales service, please contact us immediately.


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