BYK leveling agent for coating epoxy

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As the world’s largest coating auxiliary company, Germany BYK Chemical also has strong strength in the field of powder coatings, some high-end auxiliaries can be said to be unique, with very unique properties, such as BYK-3933P leveling agent it not only ensures good leveling and anti-cratering properties, but also increases the surface tension to ensure good wettability and recoatability. This performance is particularly important for powder coatings as a base coat or This property is especially important for powder coatings that require liquid or powder coating recoat, and the higher surface tension can reduce the fogging caused by moisture or water vapor.












Most water-based industrial paints and water-based inks contain resin when grinding colorants. Generally, the filling order of the ingredients is similar to that of the oily color paste. The pigment is added to the resin solution, and then the wetting and dispersing agent is added to grind the paste. This method is not correct. It is best to mix water, wetting and dispersing agent, and pigment for a period of time, and finally add resin. Resins are those with reactive hydrophilic groups, such as aminated acrylic resins.

In fact, the carboxyl-containing polyacrylic acid copolymer is neutralized with amine to become hydrophilic. This resin is similar to polyacrylate dispersant and is also active. Therefore, a certain concentration of resin solution can be used when compounding. The order can be water, wetting and dispersing agent, pigment, resin solution. If you want to use resin as the main body of pigment wetting and dispersing, you must first find out the optimal concentration of the resin and the appropriate pigment/base ratio, with a small amount of dispersant. If you want to use wetting and dispersing agent as the main pigment dispersion, you must control the degree of resin to the lowest point, increase the amount of wetting and dispersing agent, and choose an appropriate pigment concentration.

The best way is the latter. At present, the relatively high-end water-based inks and industrial paints mostly use polymer dispersants with pigment affinity bases, such as Degussa’s modified carnauba wax

TegoDispers750W, 760W, 735W, 745W, 752W, etc. are all water-based dispersants for advanced organic pigments and carbon black. It can be used singly, in combination, or in combination with resin.


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