Application of wax emulsion in release fertilizer

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Chemical fertilizers that are applied slowly over time by chemical compounding, physical and biological action of fertilizer nutrients to make the effective state of fertilizer nutrients to crops. Such as urea formaldehyde, inorganic wrapped fertilizer.

Slow-release fertilizers are long-lasting fertilizers, which can provide nutrients to plants for a longer period of time, and whether they can maintain a good fertilizer release is an important indicator to determine their high performance. Water-based wax as organic additives, green, its own characteristics are very suitable for the field of agricultural fertilizer.

 Slow release fertilizer for fertilizer standards

A. Initial nutrient release rate <15% when soaked in still water at 25 degrees for 24 hours.

B, Cumulative nutrient release rate of 28 days <80%.

C. Cumulative nutrient release rate >80% for the nutrient release period.

Wax emulsion role

Wax particles can be coated on the surface of fertilizer particles by spraying to form a continuous wax film, which can effectively reduce the adhesion between particles, while the fine particle size wax emulsion does not affect the permeability of the crop, preventing the fertilizer from failing due to moisture and providing assistance to the long-lasting release of fertilizer.

Tianshi slow release fertilizer wax emulsion, applied to the water-based coating of efficient surface hydrophobic agent, can significantly reduce the surface tension of the coating film; in the drying process of the coating film can migrate to the surface of the coating to form a protective film, producing a good water splashing effect.

Imported high-performance synthetic method low-density polyethylene wax, unique process, soft feel, excellent transparency. Good anti-adhesive effect, less recoatability impact, high performance to price ratio.


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