Oxidized polyethylene wax VS polyethylene wax

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Oxidized polyethylene wax has certain functional groups in its molecular chain, so its compatibility with polar resins is significantly improved and it is better than polyethylene wax.

1. Chemical composition
Low molecular weight oxidized polyethylene containing hydroxyl and carboxyl groups

2. Properties
White slightly yellowish powder, with good chemical stability, soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons.

3. Uses
A large number of water-based coatings and ink formulations, providing excellent abrasion resistance, anti-adhesive linkage has been anti-scratch properties. In the plastic processing industry, the internal and external lubrication of PVC is more balanced; in the hard transparent and opaque PVC formulations with the addition of polyethylene oxide wax its lubricity is better than other lubricants. It is widely used in PE, PVC cable making, PVC profile and pipe making, and it is no less than an excellent new plastic processing lubricant. It can also be used in the production of textile softener, car wax, leather softener raw and auxiliary materials. Light aging is mainly the destruction of polymer materials by ultraviolet light (UV) with short wavelength and high energy.













Method and other methods of painting, especially the corona discharge performance is good, very adaptable to high pressure electrostatic powder coating method of painting.
(8) This art coating coating suitability is good. Can use air spray method dyeing Hua coating method and electrostatic powder (o) this powder coating raw material sources are abundant, the price is relatively cheap. The selected huan material is proper then coating and coating non-toxic products
(D epoxy polyester powder coating’s biggest disadvantage is that the film’s ft wax process resistance is not good, not suitable for painting outdoor products. It is only suitable for painting indoor products.

(2) because in the epoxy-polyester powder coating curing 80 – film has a large number of ester bonds, so the coating film alkali resistance and water resistance than epoxy powder coating is poor.

(3) The poor frictional charging performance of the powder coating, not 40 combined with frictional electrostatic spray gun for painting, to meet the frictional electrostatic 20
2 coating attack requirements, must be added to the powder coating formula friction,  with electrostatic additives.
Aging machine shot time/h
The disadvantage of epoxy-polyester powder coatings is that the weather resistance is not Figure 4-6 different composition of epoxy-polyester powder coatings with other products good, different composition of epoxy-polyester powder coatings with other varieties
The comparison of the weather resistance of powder coating film with other varieties of powder coatings is shown in Fig.

However, the improvement is limited, if compared with the isocyanate triglycidyl ester (TGI C) curing system, there is still a big gap, can not change the problem of poor weatherability.
Epoxy-polyester powder coating of low temperature curing is by improving the polyester resin in the carboxyl group and epoxy resin in the epoxy group reaction activity, while using imidazole, imidazoline, cyclamidine or tertiary amine salts and other alkaline catalysts, so that the curing temperature can be reduced to 140 ℃ or a short time at 200 ℃ curing.


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