How to use MEIBOSS anti-mold agent for paint

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1, MEIBOSS paint anti-mildew agent is supplied as a liquid, which is easy to mix.
2, Cooperate with microbial capsule skills processed on the packaging material, the concentration of its active ingredients depends on the size of the product or the space.
3, Tests prove that the sterilization and anticorrosion effect of MEIBOSS paint anti-mildew agent will not be affected by different participation points.MEIBOSS can be directly participated in the grinding or paint mixing process. In order to ensure the participation of MEIBOSS paint anti-mildew agent after uniform, must be emulsion and oil-based paint mix adequately (advocate at 1.5%-2.0% share increase).














This surface movement and upper and lower convective movement of the wet film are continuously repeated in an effort to restore the balance between the upper layer and the lower layer, which leads to a local turbulent liquid flow, forming an uneven structure on the surface, that is, Benner De vortex. This is an approximately hexagonal vortex structure. The source point is in the middle of the vortex, while the paint sinks to the edge of the vortex. When the poisonous film loses its effective fluidity due to solvent volatilization and increased viscosity, if the surface tension of the coating film If the uniformity is not reached, the flowing coating film cannot continue to be leveled, causing the coating film to have surface defects such as orange peel, floating color, and flickering. The surface tension of the coating is too high, the leveling is poor, the solvent volatilizes too fast or the application is applied. Conditions and construction environment, such as improper spraying pressure, spray gun too close or too far away from the substrate, improper atomization * Bernard vortex boundary is correct, the base material is not dispersed well, spraying (low surface tension plus one (high) Surface tension) Excessive ventilation in the room, unsuitable temperature, improper selection of an a ban thinner, etc. can easily lead to Bernard vortex. In addition, if the surface of the wet film is heated unevenly, it will also cause a surface tension gradient in Figure 84. , The solvent volatilization speed of the coating film in the heated area is faster, and the surface tension is higher than that in the non-heated area, which promotes the flow of the coating in the wet film from the non-heated area to the heated area. This parallel movement of the coating in the coating film will cause the surface Unevenness, uneven thickness or blooming and other maladies.

Both varnish and colored paint systems produce eddy currents. In varnishes and monochromatic paint films, the malaise caused by the Bernard vortex structure is manifested by the phenomenon of orange peel: in paints composed of more than one pigment, the pigments with smaller particle size or lighter density The pigments with larger particle size and heavier density tend to flow with the vortex and are concentrated in the boundary area between the vortices, while the pigment with coarser particles and higher density has a higher concentration in the center of the vortex. The different fluidity of different pigments will lead to their separation, and obvious patterns appear due to different colors. When the pigments in the coating film are separated in layers in the horizontal direction, it is called floating color, that is, the color of the surface layer and the color of the lower layer are inconsistent. One or more of the multiple pigments in the coating film are in a higher concentration. Concentrated on the surface, the stars are uniformly distributed, but the color of the original formula is obviously different; if the pigment is separated in the vertical direction, it is usually streaked or honeycomb, and some pigments will be concentrated in the hexagon of the Bernard vortex On the border, the hexagonal arrangement is clearly visible, which is called blooming. The silk pattern refers to the stripe-like blooming phenomenon that is seen on the surface of the coating film after dipping or flow coating or coating on a vertical surface. When one kind of pigment is flocculated, and the other pigments are not flocculated, and exist as a very fine particle size dispersion, it is easier to produce floating color and blooming. The state of orange peel, floating color and blooming.


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