What are the types of inks?

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There are many types of inks, which can be classified by various methods:

(1) Divided by printing method

① According to the layout, there are: letterpress, lithography, gravure, photogravure, screen printing ink, etc.;

② According to the printing method, there are: offset printing, direct printing and other inks.

(2) According to the printing material

There are: ink for paper, metal, plastic, cloth, etc. parafin wax emulsions for water based inks

(3) According to the dry form

① According to the drying mechanism, there are: penetration drying type, oxidative polymerization type, volatilization drying type, light curing type, thermal curing type, cooling curing type and other inks;

② According to the drying method, it is divided into: natural drying type, hot air drying type, infrared drying type, ultraviolet drying type, cooling drying type and so on.

(4) According to ink characteristics

① According to the color: yellow, red, blue, white, black, gold, silver, gold powder, fluorescent color, pearlescent color, etc.;

② According to the function, there are: magnetic ink, anti-counterfeiting ink, edible ink, foaming ink, aromatic ink, recording ink, etc.;

③ According to the resistance, there are: light resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance, abrasion resistance, alcohol resistance, chemical resistance and other inks.

(5) According to ink composition

① According to the raw materials, there are: dry oil type, resin oil type, organic solvent type, water type, paraffin type, ethylene glycol type and other inks;

② According to the form, there are: colloidal, liquid, powder ink.

(6) By use

According to the use, it is divided into: news ink, book ink, packaging ink, building material ink, trademark ink, etc.


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