Anti-mold antibacterial agent applications – synthetic polymers

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Most synthetic polymer materials are very strong resistance to bacteria, can resist microbial damage, but there are some varieties (such as polyurethane, aliphatic polyester, etc.) because of its special structure is vulnerable to microbial attack.

More importantly, the plastics processing process needs to add stabilizers, lubricants, plasticizers and other additives, these additives have become a source of nutrition for bacteria and mold, especially plasticizers are more likely to become a source of food for microorganisms.















Tetramethylthiuram disulfide Tetramethylthiuram disulfide is an organic sulfur bactericide, its trade name is Thiram, thiram, and its structural formula is:
Pure tetramethylthiuram disulfide is colorless and odorless crystals, melting point 146℃, relative density 1.29, solubility at room temperature: water 30mg/L, ethanol less than 10g/L, acetone 80g/L, chloroform 230g/L, Long-term exposure to the air or high temperature and humidity will gradually fail, and will easily decompose when exposed to acid.

Thiram has low toxicity. The acute oral toxicity LDso for rats is 780~865mgkg, and the acute oral toxicity for mice is 1500~2000mg/kg. It is irritating to human eyes and skin.

Active ingredient/% melting point/℃
White to light yellow powder 95.0≥140
Moisture content/% fineness (through 149jam hole)
The structural formula of ethylene bis (carbamate disulfide) zinc ethylene bis (carbamate disulfide) zinc is:
The S trade name is Desenzinc. wax emulsion for paper industry
The pure product of Daisen Zinc is white crystal, which decomposes before the melting point and smells of rotten eggs. Relative density 1.74, strong hygroscopicity, hardly soluble in water, insoluble in common organic solvents, unstable to light, heat and humidity, easy to decompose to release carbon disulfide and hydrogen sulfide. Daisenzinc has low toxicity. The acute oral LDu of rats is greater than 5200mg/kg, which is irritating to the skin and eyes.


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