Features of 476 Anti-mold agent for paint

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476 does not rely on organic metal media such as tin, mercury or arsenic to work, and is broad-spectrum to effectively kill a variety of fungi that cause decay and destruction. It is suitable for adhesives, indoor and outdoor paints and water-based and solvent-based formulations.

The product is active in both dry and wet states to protect products such as adhesives, inks and paper coating liquids from fungi in the wet state, as well as in dry applications.













The chelate is soluble in chloroform, so it is extracted with chloroform and the absorbance of the organic phase is measured to determine the Cu²+ in the solution.

Exudation rate test of organic tin in paint film
Diphenylthiocarbazone (dithizone for short) method: A method to determine the exudation rate of organotin monomers in natural seawater from paint films using organotin as antifouling agent. lanco wax pp 1362 sf Organotin compounds (the general formula is R: SnX, R is butyl, and X is CI, F, O) and polymers thereof.

Measurement range: 0~35pgRsSnX/100mL seawater.
Principle: The paint film sample containing organotin will be hydrolyzed in seawater, exuding organotin monomer, using thiourea as a masking agent, and extracting and separating with carbon tetrachloride to eliminate copper, mercury, zinc, and lead in the exudate , Iron and other heavy metal ions. In the neutral buffer solution of borate, organotin and dithizone form a light yellow chelate. As the concentration of organotin increases, it will correspondingly weaken the green color of dithizone-carbon tetrachloride solution. The rest of the methods measured the content of organotin in the exudate accordingly.

Accelerated test of antifouling agent exudation in paint film
The principles of several methods of accelerated testing in the laboratory are basically similar. Chemical methods are used to saponify the paint film, and the copper ions exuded from the paint film become complexes. The paint film is accelerated
After consumption, the exudation rate in seawater (artificial seawater) is measured, and the formula can be screened, improved product, inspected product quality and the approximate expiration date of a formula can be screened by comparing it with the standard formula in parallel test.
There are 3 kinds of acceleration methods currently used.


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