476 Anti-mold agent for paint addition amount

2021-10-13   Pageview:688

The following recommended dosage is based on wet formula weight
Adding amount 0.1 – 1.25%













Accelerated test method of acid-base exudation rate
The acid-base acceleration method uses hydrochloricated seawater to extract the copper on the surface of the paint film with physical methods (such as ultrasonic), then measure the copper exudation rate in the seawater, and then use NaOH to correct it to distilled water with pH=11 Physically destroy the surface of the paint film and repeat the above acceleration process until the exudation rate of the sample is less than 10pg/(cm²·d) pp wax emulsion when the sample is oscillated in seawater.

The acidified seawater used in the determination is to add a certain amount of analytically pure hydrochloric acid to the filtered fresh seawater to make the pH=2.5, and the lye used is to adjust the distilled water to pH=11 with NaOH.
The above three accelerated test methods have their limitations. In some paint bases, the exudation rate curve and validity period obtained are roughly the same as the actual sea test, but some paint bases are sometimes not applicable, so it can only roughly reflect the antifouling agent The law of exudation in the paint film.

The development trend of marine antifouling agents
At present, the antifouling agents used in environmentally friendly marine antifouling coatings mainly include cuprous oxide and organic antifouling agents, and the content of cuprous oxide is still very large. According to estimates by American researchers, dozens of tons of copper are deposited every year in certain ports in the United States. The concentration of copper ions in seawater has affected the marine ecological environment, and the organic antifouling agents currently used cannot replace cuprous oxide.


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