Anti-mold agent for paint iHeir-TQ

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iHeir-TQ paint mildew inhibitor is a water-soluble mildew inhibitor. It has low toxicity, broad-spectrum characteristics, and has a strong killing effect on microorganisms such as mold and algae.

iHeir-TQ coating mold inhibitor can be widely used in water-based water-soluble coatings, water-dilutable coatings, and water-dispersible coatings (latex coatings).

In practice, iHeir-TQ will not change the physical properties of the paint, and it is compatible with the paint, which can effectively ensure that the paint with iHeir-TQ anti-mildew agent will not show yellowing, mildew and cracking caused by microbial reproduction in a humid environment, making the paint surface as bright as before.














The sagging speed in an ideal flow state, such as Newtonian flow, the sagging speed is proportional to the square of the thickness of the coating film.
It is inversely proportional to viscosity, that is, the lower the viscosity, the thicker the coating film, and the easier it is to sag. The viscosity of Newtonian fluid is constant and does not change with the shear rate. Coatings are usually pseudoplastic non-Newtonian fluids, which have a yield value in the flow curve of shear stress versus shear rate, that is, the fluid begins to flow only after a certain amount of shear stress is applied to this type of fluid. If the viscosity of the non-Newtonian fluid decreases with the increase of the shearing force, and the viscosity gradually recovers after the shearing stops, it is called a thixotropic fluid. The thixotropic paint is subjected to higher shearing force to reduce its viscosity during construction, and has better fluidity and leveling properties, which is convenient for construction; after the construction stops, the shearing force disappears and the viscosity of the paint follows Elevated to prevent sagging.

When a non-Newtonian fluid is painted on a vertical surface, the relationship between the limit film thickness of sag and the yield value can be expressed by equation (8-2):
Where ho——the limit film thickness of sagging;
T0 coating yield shear stress value;
-Paint density;
g is the acceleration of gravity.


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