How do I use textile wax?

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Fancy yarn is a yarn with special structure and appearance effect obtained by using special raw material, special equipment or special process to process fiber or yarn in the process of spinning and yarn making, and it is a kind of yarn with decorative effect in yarn products.

The post-waxing process is often used in the sizing process, especially in the weaving of high-grade fabrics, the sizing rate is generally high, the pulp film is hard and brittle, the post-waxing process can increase the softness and abrasion resistance of the pulp film, but also to prevent the pulp structure from being damaged due to the addition of softener in the pulp. The purpose of post-waxing is to increase the smoothness and antistatic properties of the sizing yarn, so that the sizing yarn feels smooth, reducing the coefficient of friction and falling matter, which is conducive to clear opening, reducing head breakage and improving loom efficiency, which is especially important for synthetic fibers, high-count, high-density cotton fabrics and the use of shuttleless looms.

The amount of wax on the appropriate increase, can reduce the friction coefficient of the sizing yarn on the machine parts, generally 3% to 5% is appropriate. If it is too high, it will make the sizing yarn easy to accumulate flying flowers, affecting the role of the break since the stop and cause defects. After the wax, can reduce the electrostatic charge in the yarn accumulation, is conducive to open clear. However, it must be noted that in the process of sizing, do not add raw wax directly into the wax tank to prevent the unmelted wax block from staining the warp yarn with the waxing roller, resulting in excessive waxing and affecting the coloring of the fabric after processing.

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