Source of Montanov 68

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Appearance (25℃) : White to slightly yellow granules
Active substance content : ≥98

It is a glucose extracted from cereals and a fat extracted from coconut oil. The uniqueness lies in the use of a polysaccharide to replace the ethoxylated group that is one of the characteristics of traditional nonionic surfactants. This results in a product composed of a hydrophilic glycoside and a lipophilic coconut oil chain.












Six, epoxy powder coating formulations and coating film performance
In the above epoxy powder coating: material curing agent chapter has been described in most Part of the corresponding epoxy powder coating formulations and coating film performance, here only to describe the part that did not talk about. Epoxy powder coatings with amine and phenol hydroxyl resins curing modified epoxy The epoxy powder coating of amine and phenol hydroxyl resin curing modified epoxy resin waxing oxidized boat is widely used in the heavy anti-corrosion of long-distance pipeline of steel pipe, which is developed by Langfang Yanmei Chemical Co. EPY2 series of modified epoxy powder coatings for heavy anti-corrosion and coating technical indicators are shown in Table 4-67, film properties, uses and characteristics are shown in Table 4-68.

The epoxy resin E-12CF produced by Changshu Jiafa Chemical Co., Ltd. and the epoxy curing agent JE CP-01B and JE CP-03B produced by the company can be used to manufacture fusion-type epoxy powder coatings for pipelines, which can be used in three layers of fusion-type epoxy powder coatings for pipelines, respectively. epoxy powder coating and single layer fusion type epoxy powder coating. The formula of fusion epoxy powder coating for pipe curing with JE CP-01B and JE CP-03B is shown in Table 4-69.


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