Physical properties of MEIBOSS anti-mildew agent for paint

2021-10-18   Pageview:266

Type: Paint anti-mildew agent
Use: Paint coating
Appearance: colorless and bright
Packaging: MEIBOSS paint anti-mildew agent selected 25kg blue quadratic plastic drum packaging, minimum packaging 1kg package.













The way to reduce or eliminate orange peel, floating color and blooming is to reduce the upper and lower convection speed of the wet film and reduce the degree of separation of the pigment. To achieve this goal, a solvent with a slower volatilization speed can be used, but the best method is to use a paint Incompatible leveling agents with low surface tension, such as modified silicones, polyacrylates, etc. These leveling agents can cover the surface of the wet film to form a uniform film, inhibit the volatilization rate of the solvent, reduce the convection velocity and surface tension gradient of the upper and lower, weaken the surface flow, make the surface area of ​​the wet film relatively stable, thereby reducing And the vortex motion is eliminated, and a high-gloss coating film with the best color development and reproducibility can be obtained. On the other hand, to prevent the blemishes of floating color and blooming, it is also possible to increase the solubility of the solvent to the resin components and the compatibility between the resins, add a thixotropic agent to make the coating structurally viscous, and add it during the grinding and dispersion stage of the pigment. Suitable wetting and dispersing agent to achieve. The dispersant can be adsorbed on the surface of the pigment particles, through the steric hindrance effect and the charge stabilization effect, the pigment dispersion system is in a stable dispersion state to prevent harmful flocculation of the pigment, or can cause moderate co-flocculation between the pigment particles, avoiding a kind of The pigment flocculates separately, so as to prevent floating and blooming.

Poor leveling caused by sagging
Leveling and sagging are a pair of contradictions. The goals of maximum leveling and minimum sagging are opposite to each other. Reducing the viscosity of the coating is beneficial to leveling, but it also promotes sagging; or increasing the thickness of the coating film to speed up the leveling, but also aggravates the degree of sagging. The relationship between the sag speed of the coating film and the thickness and viscosity of the coating film when a coating with Newtonian fluid properties is applied on a vertical surface.


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