Application of powder anti-mildew agent BJ-75

2021-10-19   Pageview:376

This product is suitable for the anti-mildew of interior and exterior latex paint, glue, putty powder, diatomaceous earth, cellulose, and for the anti-mildew of environmentally friendly latex paint and powder products as well as the production of products requiring anti-corrosion and anti-mildew.














Polydimethylsiloxane with a viscosity in the range of 5-50mPa·s is a low-molecular-weight silicone. It has good miscibility with coatings and helps to promote surface flow and leveling and prevent color floating. But these products are very volatile, so their effectiveness is difficult to predict.

The polydimethylsiloxane with a viscosity in the range of 100~350mPa·s has low volatility, honeywell micronized wax good leveling and slipping properties, but poor compatibility with coatings, excessive or poor dispersion The insoluble small droplets generated by the uniform polydimethylsiloxane will drift and spread on the surface of the substrate and the surface of the coating film, forming a new surface, making the coating unable to wet, causing shrinkage of the coating film and impairing recoatability . Therefore, the use of these products must be very careful, the dosage must be strictly controlled and completely uniformly dispersed in the system. In modern coatings, pure polydimethylsiloxane is rarely used as an anti-crater and leveling agent. However, methyl phenyl polysiloxane has improved compatibility with coatings due to the substitution of a methyl group on each siloxane repeating unit with a phenyl group. It also has a significant leveling effect, but it has an effect on surface tension. The effect is small, and it does not have the effect of enhancing gloss and slipping. Therefore, it is not commonly used in coating formulations.

Polysiloxane modified with various organic groups such as polyether, polyester, aralkyl, etc., has improved compatibility with coatings, which not only retains polydimethylsiloxane, strongly reduces the surface tension of coatings, Improve the wettability of the coating to the substrate, reduce the surface tension gradient, and promote the uniformity of the surface tension. It also avoids the disadvantages of shrinkage and poor adhesion caused by poor miscibility, and improves the surface flow state. The coating film leveled quickly. Due to its low surface tension, this type of leveling agent can also migrate to the surface of the coating film to form a uniform film, which improves the surface smoothness and gloss. Therefore, it is currently the most widely used anti-crater in the coating industry, Leveling agent.


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