Powder Anti-mold Agent lf-804

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lf-804 powder anti-mildew agent is produced by our proprietary technology suitable for polymeric bactericidal anti-corrosion anti-mildew agent, is a, safe, broad-spectrum anti-mildew agent products, yeast, mold are very strong killing effect, can achieve the ideal anti-mildew effect. It is suitable for coating cellulose, gum powder, glue, putty powder, diatomaceous earth, powder coating and other industries.












Co-solvent The co-solvent in the water-based coating can reduce the surface tension of the aqueous solution or water dispersion, increase the compatibility of the system, and extend the wet edge time of the coating film, so it can also play a role in helping flow and leveling. Commonly used co-solvents are ethylene glycol, glycol ether and its ether ester, propylene glycol, propylene glycol ether and its ether ester.
These co-solvents have a greater impact on the associative rheology modifier, and high-polarity co-solvents can greatly reduce the rheological effect. Table 8-6 shows the influence of several cosolvents on the thickening efficiency of acrylic emulsions containing 3% hydrophobically modified polyurethane rheology modifier.

The main coating film surface defects of powder coatings and their solutions
Powder coating has become a main method of metal surface coating due to its excellent environmental effects, energy saving, high efficiency, and low cost. Because the composition and production process of powder coatings are very different from solvent-based coatings, the leveling process of powder coatings is unique.

Powder coatings generally contain film-forming resins, cross-linking curing agents, pigments and antioxidants, matting agents, wetting agents, defoamers, leveling agents and other ingredients. It is a solvent-free powder system that relies on high temperature melting. Cured into a film. Due to the lack of micronized ptfe wax solvents to help improve the wettability of the coating film to the substrate and increase the fluidity of the coating, powder coatings are more difficult to remove surface defects than solvent-based coatings. In the film forming process of powder coatings, due to the influence of surface tension, melt viscosity and other factors, some typical film defects such as orange peel, shrinkage, pinholes, shrinkage, sagging, etc., will often occur, thus preventing shrinkage. The role of leveling agent in powder coatings is very important.


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