How Polyethylene Wax Emulsion Improves The Abrasion Resistance Of Ink

2022-12-06   Pageview:371

Water-based inks are often used in packaging and printing products that require strict hygiene conditions such as tobacco, alcohol, food, beverages, medicines, children’s toys, banknotes, etc., and require strong scratch resistance. Among them, wax emulsion is an essential additive, which can effectively improve the effects of scratch resistance, wear resistance, anti-adhesion, and smooth feel. Polyethylene wax emulsion has stable chemical properties, smooth hand feeling, high hardness, outstanding wear resistance and scratch resistance, and is widely used in water-based inks.

wax dispertions

Tianshi Ink Special Wax Emulsion is a high-melting point, fine-grained polyolefin wax emulsion. It can effectively reduce the friction coefficient of the ink surface, improve the smoothness, wear resistance and scratch resistance; the uniform and fine particle size distribution can give the ink a good gloss.

When in use, the ink-specific wax emulsion will migrate to the ink surface during the film-forming process, disperse evenly, and form a wax protective layer, thereby achieving the effect of improving the surface performance of the ink.

With the increase in the amount of wax emulsion added, the wax protective layer formed on the surface of the ink can improve the slipperiness of the paper, reduce the coefficient of friction, and significantly reduce the abrasion of the ink. When the amount added is greater than 5%, the space between the spherical wax particles on the surface will decrease, and the effect of increasing the amount is not obvious. At the same time, considering the cost issue, the appropriate amount of wax emulsion added is about 5%.


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