The use of polyurethane PU sole release agent

2022-01-14   Pageview:604

The soles of shoes, mainly foam materials, PU foam soles, PVC foam soles, EVA foam soles, PE foam soles, SBA foam soles, etc., most of them are polyurethane materials, that is, PU. Before using the release agent, be sure to clean the mold, the mold in use for a period of time, stay in the mold more and more release agent, affecting the quality of production later.

For the use of polyurethane PU release agent

1, for different factories, the scale varies, the process is not the same, the production of soles are also diversified.

2, for the use of release agent, there are some differences, but there is a general method of use.

The summary is: take the original release agent, proportional dilution, (oil-based with thinner, water-based with tap water), stir Hu, spray gun, blow dry, mold injection of polyurethane materials, close the mold, and then remove the product soles.

The difference between PU soles and EVA soles

1, PU soles, and ordinary plastic, rubber shoe soles, PU soles – comfortable to wear, lightweight, wear-resistant, good elasticity, good resistance to flexing.

Can be added to some chemical materials, so that the shoes have more characteristics, anti-slip, anti-corrosion, insulation and anti-static, suitable for all ages of sports shoes.

2, EVA sole, is also a common kind of foam material shoe material, the price is relatively low; but it has a greater flexibility, or understand that very high and good elasticity. Heat insulation, good shock absorption, excellent resilience, good weather resistance, the

Precautions: Be sure to clean the mold regularly, be sure to figure out whether it is the original release agent or diluted well, be sure to follow the proportion of dilution, be sure to spray evenly, and then blow dry wipe dry. For spraying release agent with automatic stirring Hu, dilution ratio must be grasped, because after stirring Hu, will automatically water in dilution, dilution ratio plus high, so pay attention to this.


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