Advantages of JM-651 anti-mildew agent for coatings

2021-10-21   Pageview:517

Coating anti-mildew agent JM-651 does not contain formaldehyde, does not contain any heavy metals, sterilization and anti-mildew effect is remarkable. Long-term use will not produce resistance, natural degradation does not produce toxic and harmful substances, and therefore no pollution to the environment, is the ideal water-based paint and paint irrigation within the preservative.












The type of resin, the type of oil, and the length of the oil all affect the drying effect of the drier. Therefore, the drier dosage ratio is different, for example, the drier dosage of linoleum modified alkyd resin is less than that of soybean oil modified alkyd resin. The antioxidant and free acid in the resin can reduce the drying ability of the drier. michelman eaa dispersion
The presence of antioxidants such as vitamin E and lecithin in vegetable oils makes it dry for a longer induction period. Alkaline bleaching of oil can remove lecithin, but not vitamin E, and it is impossible to remove all of it even in the process of alkyd resin production by alcoholysis. In particular, the content of vitamin E in soybean oil alkyd resin is large, which significantly affects the drying effect of the drier on the drying oil.

Alkyd resin is mixed with cobalt drier, the color changes from purple divalent cobalt to green trivalent cobalt gradually. If the color does not change or the color changes very slowly, it is because the cobalt drier is prevented by the vitamin E in the resin. Can not decompose the peroxide in the resin. The alkyd resin synthesized by the fatty acid method has all natural antioxidants removed and has good drying properties. Alkyd resin synthesized by fatty acid method is added with 0.1% vitamin E, and its dryness is extended from 105min to 12h.

The alkyd resin is subjected to various treatments to remove antioxidants such as vitamin E. The presence of metal ions such as iron and copper can quickly destroy natural antioxidants, prolong the blowing, and use organic peroxides to oxidize and compress Filtering and other measures to remove the natural antioxidants in the alkyd resin can significantly shorten the induction period and improve the dryness.


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