How Does The Offset Printing System Control The Gloss

2022-11-11   Pageview:344

How does an offset printing system control gloss? There are many reasons that affect the development of offset printing inks in the field of printing, the most important of which is gloss. Customers need printed products with bright colors, distinct layers, strong texture, and tarnished prints, their aesthetics and value will also be greatly reduced.

What factors affect the gloss of offset prints?
1. Low-grade color web printing offset ink is used for printing, and the gloss is poor after the product is colored.
2. The surface of the paper is rough, and the larger the fiber gap is, the stronger the absorption capacity of the binder is. After the ink is transferred to the paper, the binder is absorbed by the paper fibers in the absence of conjunctiva. Most of the ink remains. Pigment particles are attached to the surface of the paper, thus making the product dull and dull.

How does an offset printing system control gloss?
1. When printing, add drying oil to the ink properly to help the ink surface to form a good conjunctiva, so that the product can obtain proper gloss.
2. Apply varnish or film to the surface of the finished product. Ink is a complex colloid formed by mixing and grinding pigments, binders and additives. Its properties are mainly determined by the characteristics of pigments and binders.

Why add wax powder to offset printing system? The main purpose is to control the gloss, select the appropriate wax, and have different matting effects depending on the amount added. In addition, the wax is distributed in the coating film to protect the coating film, prevent scratches, scuffs and provide abrasion resistance; such as container coatings, paint coatings, decorative coatings, etc. are required for this function.


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