Application of dry film anti-mildew agent OIT-20

2021-10-21   Pageview:289

It is mainly used in paint and coating and other fields.
Recommended addition amount 0.5-1%(w/w).











Lead-containing paint exposed to the industrial atmosphere containing hydrogen sulfide is discolored due to the formation of lead sulfide. In this case, decorative or zirconium driers should be used instead of lead driers.
Metal soaps made of dark organic acids such as rosin acid can remarkably deepen the color of the paint, while linoleic acid soap and naphthenic acid soap have less effect. Caprylic acid soap or other synthetic carboxylic acid soaps have the lightest color.

The drier has less effect on the gloss of the paint film, but excessive lead and calcium driers are used in the paint to cause frosting and fogging of the paint film and cause loss of gloss.

Hardness and adhesion
Cobalt soap is used as the main drier in alkyd coatings. The physical properties of the paint film, ptfe dispersion sds such as hardness and adhesion, are caused by excessive cobalt driers, which will cause the paint film to dry quickly but not completely dry at the base, and the hardness and attachment of the paint film. The focus will drop.
Zirconium drier has coordination ability, can form coordination bond with the polar group on the alkyd resin bond and cross-linking center. When used with cobalt drier, it can improve the hardness and adhesion of the paint film. It has been used in recent years. Aluminum driers can form cross-links and significantly increase the hardness of the paint film.

Weather resistance and water resistance
The content of unwashed inorganic salt in the drier obviously affects the water resistance of the paint film, while the use of the drier itself has little effect on the water resistance of the paint film, but the amount of calcium drier is too much, the water resistance of the paint film Decrease, so that the alkyd varnish film is easy to whiten when immersed in water, and the effect of water resistance in the colored paint does not seem to be obvious.


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