3 features of OIT-20, a dry film anti-mold agent

2021-10-21   Pageview:533

1. Broad-spectrum and high efficiency, prevent bacteria and fungi in the paint.

2. The latest slow-release technology, no loss, no yellowing, low toxicity, no VOC, stable under strong light and high temperature.

3. Up to 3 years of outdoor exposure test proves the best effect, stable under strong UV and acid rain conditions.










In the linoleum pentaerythritol alkyd resin, the cobalt drier alone is easy to bloom, and the use of Co/Pb/Mn (0.3%/0.5%/0.05%) has better bloom resistance, and the use of Co/Pb/ Ca (0.025%/0.5%/0.25%) drier has better anti-blooming, anti-wrinkle properties and prevents lead salt precipitation. However, the amount of Ca drier shall not be less than 0.1%.

Color and luster
The normal dosage of the drier has little effect on the color of the paint. For some alkyd resins that are easy to yellow, such as linoleum and tung oil modified alkyd resin, the color effect of the drier is not considered. However, for white paint and coatings using semi-drying oil alkyd resin, attention should be paid to the color effect of the drier.
The cobalt drier makes the varnish appear reddish-purple, sometimes greenish due to trivalent cobalt, but there is no obvious effect due to the small amount. Lead and manganese driers make the paint red and yellow, which can be bleached slightly under light. Calcium drier will make the white paint have some red color, polypropylene wax uses and the surface can be bleached under light irradiation to reduce its influence. However, there is a different yellowing phenomenon in the dark. Cover 1/2 of the white paint sample with black photographic paper and place it horizontally near the window facing the northeast. After 8 months, the uncovered part is roughly white, while the covered part There are different degrees of yellowing. The use of Co/Zr/Ca driers also has better anti-yellowing properties. Manganese drier is easy to make the paint film yellow, so it is not suitable to be used in white paint.


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