5 advantages of paint anti-mold agent

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1, high efficiency: that is, strong anti-mold power, with less drug dose can kill or inhibit the reproduction and growth of mold.

2, broad-spectrum: that is, to kill or inhibit a variety of mold, with a wide antibacterial spectrum.

3, Anti-algae: It has anti-algae performance and can effectively kill algae and inhibit the growth of algae.

4, stable: not easy to decompose, good compatibility with emulsion paint and additives, uniform dispersion, does not affect the performance of water-based emulsion paint.

5, environmental protection: that is, high safety, no harm to human health, no harmful effects on the environment.











Cobalt, lead, manganese, calcium and zinc naphthenate fluctuate within the normal range and have no significant effect on the weather resistance of air-drying alkyd paint. However, too much use, especially excessive cobalt drier, will significantly reduce the weather resistance of the paint film. The choice of drier has a greater impact on weather resistance. The cobalt drier is used with different driers, and the paint film is artificially aged, and evaluated according to the gloss and chalking degree of the paint film after exposure. The weather resistance ptfe dispersion 30 of the aluminum drier is the best. The order of the degree of influence of the drier on the durability of the paint film is as follows:
Al>Zr>Ph~Ca two driers, such as zirconium and calcium soap, can be used together to improve its weather resistance, but the combination of lead and calcium soap has worse weather resistance than when used alone.
Rosin acid soap and tar acid soap are used as driers, which will reduce the weather resistance of drunk acid paint because it attracts rosin.

Selection of drier ratio and dosage
The correct use of driers in coatings can not only effectively adjust their drying properties, but also improve their storage properties and the physical and chemical properties of the coating film. At present, coating manufacturers pay little attention to the use of driers, and most of them stay in the traditional The proportion and dosage are then roughly adjusted based on experience. In order to improve the dryness of the paint, the paint user often adds an excessive amount of drier, which affects the quality of the paint.

In recent years, the use of new driers such as cerium, zirconium and other metal soaps and drier synergists, as well as changes in resin types and pigment varieties, must re-screen the drier system.

General screening methods often use the original ratio as the basis for comparison, and determine the ratio and dosage of the drier for each coating through tests on paint mixing, brushing, storage and exposure.


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