Application of ADM-TQ paint anti-mold agent

2021-10-22   Pageview:649

1, indoor walls that are often damp and moldy.
2, damp and moldy walls caused by condensation due to insulation.
3, often moldy, moldy paint walls every year.
4, for users who require very long-lasting effect of mold removal attention to the mold caused by water leakage.
5, ordinary buildings, offices, living rooms 1-2%,
Add 1-2% for workshops and plants prone to mildew.












Existing data believe that the hydrolysis of the drier is very slight and has little effect on the performance of the drier.
Studies have shown that calcium driers in water-diluted alkyd paint will cause the resin viscosity to increase, and the viscosity is directly linear with the amount of calcium driers present, and the equation is as follows: y=ma+b where y一A paint viscosity; 7 a slope (65KU); the amount of calcium drier: b an intercept (that is, the viscosity of the paint without calcium drier).

Data shows that zirconium is easy to precipitate when used in the same type of water-diluted alkyd paint. Table 6-29 lists the effects of adding zirconium driers to 12 industrial water-diluted alkyd resins. In most cases, fatty acids montan-wax partial precipitation occurs. . If zirconium and calcium 1+1 are used together, the precipitation situation is greatly improved, and at the same time the influence of calcium drier on viscosity increase is improved. The combination of the two can overcome their negative effects.

Water emulsified alkyd paint
Water-emulsified alkyd resins are more complicated than water-diluted alkyd resins due to the introduction of surfactants. Therefore, although water-based air-drying alkyd coatings based on water-based alkyd emulsions have been widely used in industrial maintenance, However, the influencing factors and improvement methods of the coating film drying performance are still important research topics.


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