Index of ADM-TQ anti-mildew agent for paint

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Appearance: Low viscosity transparent liquid
Solubility: soluble in water-soluble paint and emulsion paint
Active ingredient (%): ≥ 45
Main components: Heterocyclic compounds
PH value: 6.0-8.0
Particle size: <40 microns











Optimization of the drier system
Influence of driers Traditional driers are easily soluble in organic solvents such as solvent gasoline, but are not easily dispersed in the co-solvent of water-diluted alkyd paint. If traditional driers are used, they must be dissolved in the resin before neutralization. However, this method will cause the viscosity to rise sharply and production is difficult, so you can add appropriate emulsifiers and alcohol ether solvents (such as ethylene glycol or propylene glycol ether, etc.) to the drier to make a water-miscible drier. Then it is used in water-diluted alkyd coatings. Whether the anion (acidic part) has an effect on the hydrolysis of the drier is still controversial. The impact is very small.

Studies have shown that calcium driers in water-diluted alkyd paint will cause the resin viscosity clariant montan wax to increase, and the viscosity is directly linearly related to the amount of calcium driers present, and has the following equation:

Where y is the viscosity of the paint;
7-slope (65KU);
Dosage of calcium drier:
b-intercept (that is, the viscosity of the coating without calcium drier).
Data shows that zirconium is easy to precipitate when used in the same type of water-diluted alkyd paint. Table 6-29 lists the effects of adding zirconium driers to 12 industrial water-diluted alkyd resins. In most cases, partial precipitation occurs. . If zirconium and calcium 1+1 are used together, the precipitation situation is greatly improved, and at the same time the influence of calcium drier on viscosity increase is improved. The combination of the two can overcome their negative effects.


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