Application of PE wax emulsion Poligen WE6

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Poligen WE6 is a versatile polyethylene wax emulsion that offers a balanced combination of hardness, breakage and elasticity.

1, Varnishes

Due to the hardness of the wax, Poligen WE6 is particularly effective in aqueous varnish applications such as paper and film packaging. The addition rate is usually 8-10% of the total composition.

2, Paper and wood floor waxes

Because of the high hardness of the wax, Poligen WE6 can be used in a portfolio of film forming aids to increase the resistance of paper to scratches and mechanical action. Poligen WE6 complies with FDA regulations and requirements for paper and wood waxes used in food packaging applications.

3, Polyurethane coatings

Poligen WE6 enhances the abrasion resistance of waterborne polyurethanes; for example, in sealants for parquet applications.

4, Inks

Poligen WE6 can be added to aqueous inks to  their resistance to abrasion and to reduce friction on printed surfaces.

5, Textile Finishes

The high hardness and friction of Poligen WE6, combined with the high stability of the diluted emulsion, make it an ideal ingredient for textile finishing applications; to enhance the sewing, abrasion and tear resistance of textiles.

6, Flooring Wax

Poligen WE6 mixed styrene-acrylic polymer dispersions can be used as dry and glossy wax formulations. The hardness and breakage resistance of the waxes make the floor waxes very hard. It is compatible with all polymer dispersions, resin solutions, plasticizers, film forming media and surfactants.













The amount of AS01 spring rice powder coating formulation is 0.02%~0.1%. When the amount is small, the texture is large and fuzzy; when the amount is large, the texture is smaller and the surface is clear, but when the amount is too large, the wrinkles (orange lines) disappear and become flat. In this powder coating formulation, there is generally no need to add a leveling agent. If necessary, montan ester wax history in order to prevent the shrinkage of the coating film from showing up, add a small amount. This texturing agent is suitable for small wrinkles and can also be used as a pattern agent.

AS10 wrinkle agent is a large wrinkle agent. The dosage in the formula is 0.2%~1.2% of the total formula. It is added by internal addition. The amount of wrinkle agent is more than AS01 wrinkle agent, and the wrinkle texture is larger than AS01 wrinkle agent. AS10 wrinkles The dosage of the agent has a certain effect on the texture of wrinkles. As the dosage of AS10 wrinkle agent increases, the wrinkle texture of the coating film becomes larger, and the coating film is not easy to expose and become flat; the type and dosage of filler also affect the texture of wrinkles, generally with the amount of filler The wrinkle texture becomes smaller, but the three-dimensional effect is enhanced. In addition, the mixing effect of the extruder also has a certain impact on the wrinkle texture.

The production equipment and process conditions must be fixed each time to ensure the repeatability of the wrinkle texture of the coating film.

The amount of AS330 wrinkle agent in the powder coating formulation is 0.1%~0.3% of the total formulation, and it is generally added internally. The test results show that when used alone, the wrinkle coating film is prone to show “shrinkage” phenomenon. As the amount of AS330 wrinkle agent increases, the gloss of the coating film decreases. When a small amount of floating agent is used in combination, it is easy to eliminate the wrinkle coating film. The bottom is exposed (shrinkage), but when the amount of use is large, the three-dimensional effect of the wrinkle of the coating film becomes worse.

The AS3B special effect wrinkle agent is acrylic polymer, the appearance is white transparent powder, the solid content is greater than 98.5%, and the softening point (ball and ball method) 114~122 ℃, it can be used not only in wrinkle (orange pattern) powder coatings, but also in pattern and hammer powder coatings. AS3B special effect wrinkle agent is suitable for various resin system powder coatings, and can pass under the condition of lower shearing force. Dry mixing method (additional method) can also be mixed with the base powder and pigment at the same time. Even if the base powder has a smooth appearance powder coating with a leveling agent, it will also produce strong three-dimensional wrinkles or patterns. The general dosage is 0.3%-1% of the total amount of the base powder, and the particle size is controlled between 140 and 180 months, which can be determined according to the actual situation. The problem of wrinkle exposure (shrinkage) of the coating film can be adjusted by adding a small amount of leveling agent.


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