BJ-789 Anti-mildew agent for diatomite putty powder

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BJ-789 anti-mildew agent for diatomaceous earth putty powder is a safe, efficient, broad-spectrum anti-bacterial anti-mildew agent for coating cellulose, gum powder, putty powder, diatomaceous earth, etc.











The other is to react a polymer containing active end groups with AT RP reagent to prepare a macromolecular initiator to initiate atom transfer radical polymerization of monomers, such as combining polyoxyethylene (PEO) with active end hydroxyl groups with AT RP Reagents, including 2-bromoisobutyryl bromide, 2. Chloroisobutyryl chloride and 2-chloro-2-phenylacetyl chloride, etc. can be reacted to obtain the mono (dual) functional group of AT RP that initiates methacrylate Molecular initiators to prepare AB-type and ABA-type block copolymers with narrow relative molecular mass distribution [15-17. Liu Qunfeng and others used polystyrene produced by conventional free radical polymerization as the starting material, and prepared multi-functional a-bromoethyl polystyrene [PSCH(CHg) Br] and benzyl chloride through a multi-step group conversion reaction. Based on polystyrene [PS-CH(Ph) C gate], n-butyl acrylate is thus initiated to undergo AT RP polymerization to prepare montan wax cas a graft copolymer.
Dual-functionality and multi-functionality initiator

Bifunctional initiator
The bifunctional initiator refers to a compound containing two active groups in the same initiator molecule. These groups can be peroxy bonds, perester bonds, peracyl bonds and azo bonds, which can be decomposed to generate free radicals. Start the polymerization reaction. Bifunctional initiators are divided into symmetrical type [that is, two active groups have the same activity, as in formula (4-43)] and asymmetric type [that is, two active groups are not the same in activity, as in formula (4-44)] .
Ph-COOC-CH: CHzCOOC-Ph(4-43)
CH: (CHy) s-(CH), CO OC(CHa): (4-44)


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