How to use Clariant Ceridust 3910

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Ceridust 3910 is used to improve the sandability of lacquer systems such as nitrocellulose and acid-curing resins. It can be blended in with high shear dispersion equipment or ball mills at an addition level depending on the lacquer system and formulation, which is about 0.5-1.0% of the total formulation. To ensure sufficient wetting of the individual particles, the stirring time should be at least 15 minutes. In low viscosity systems, the additive tends to precipitate, but these loose precipitates are easily redispersed.

When used in powder coatings, Ceridust 3910 can be dry mixed with other components and then stirred well with an extruder or kneader. On porous surfaces, it acts as a degassing agent and should not be added at more than 1%.













XG603-5A matting curing agent XG603-5A matting curing agent is a salt of polybasic acid and organic amine: melting point is 190~200℃, solid content is above 98.5%, white powder, the amount used in epoxy powder coating is epoxy 10%~12% of the resin mass, the extinction range is (60*)5%~70%, and the curing condition is (180~200)℃×(25~10) min. Use this matting curing agent to prepare powder coatings The film has good leveling properties, impact resistance and physical and mechanical properties, and the coating film is not easy to yellow, and it is not easy to change color during baking. It is suitable for the preparation of light-colored powder coatings.
@XG633 matting curing agent XG633 matting curing agent is an fatty acids montan-wax 1-methyl-1 3-propanediyl esters organic compound containing carboxyl functional groups, with a melting point of 180~200°C, an acid value of 560mgKOH/g, and a volatile content of less than 1%. The dosage is 11% of the quality of epoxy resin in epoxy powder coatings. %~12%, curing condition is 190℃X(20~25) min or 200℃X(15~23) min, it can be used for epoxy and epoxy-polyester powder coatings, the gloss of the coating film can reach (60*) 5%~50%. This kind of matting curing agent is not easy to yellow when the coating film is baked, and can be used to prepare light-colored powder coatings. In order to obtain good physical and mechanical properties and matting effect of the coating film, 2%~5% of the accelerator ZC-1 (product of Nanhai Chemical) is added to the coating formulation:

XG628 matting curing agent XG628 matting curing agent is a polycarboxylic acid modified amine compound, particle size is greater than 350 mesh, volatile content is less than 1%, white powder, suitable for polyester-TGI C powder coating system, this matting curing agent is For compounds with high acid value, its carboxyl group is reversed to the epoxy group in TG1C; TGI C also reacts with polyester resin. Due to the different curing reaction speeds of the two systems, the compatibility between the reaction products and other issues, Produce a matte coating. When the acid powder of polyester resin is used for coating and coating technology.

When the values ​​are different, the mass ratio between TGI C and XG 628 also changes accordingly. In the acid value of 30~35mgKOH/g heavy ester resin, the ratio of polyester resin, TGI C, and XG 628 can be based on the following mass ratio, Polyester resin’TGI C: XG628-931(7+x)+X, X represents the amount of XG628. The more the amount of XG628, the better the matting effect. The melting and reactivity of the polyresin will affect the smoothness of the coating appearance. It has obvious effects. The disadvantage of this matting curing agent is that the yellowing resistance of the coating film is not very good, and it is not suitable for applications with high requirements for yellowing resistance. It is best to add additives such as antioxidants or ultraviolet light absorbers.


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